3d drawing pen for chrismas gift with 1.75mm filament
3d drawing pen for chrismas gift with 1.75mm filament
1. Nozzle temperature is only 50 degrees, people will not burn
2. after Polished, the shape is smooth, it will not hurt the hand
3. Power connector and power socket match, will not loose or fall
4. Consumables interface and internal motor delivery gear docking match, will not idle

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3d drawing pen for chrismas gift with 1.75mm filament

product introduction

Whats the 3D drawing pen?

The 3D drawing pen is a magic weapon-with many more possibilities! The pen heats ABS/PLA filament which can cool as soon as the filament comes out from pen, allowing you to draw in any direction, no matter up and down. You can draw in the air!!! The 3D printer pen is comfortable to hold and light enough to form delicate shapes easily !


How to draw in the air ?

The 3D drawing pen can be used to make crafts, school projects, home decor...Tracing shapes on paper, build a 3D model using a design in the air ! Using the pen to draw up and down. Also you can draw several flat shapes and then connect them, because filament is sticky. Just trace your design and lift it off the paper. Its all possible with the 3D printer pen!

Product name3D drawing pen
Extrusion ModeFused Deposition Modeling / Melting
Material usedABS PLA
Diameter of materail1.75mm
Speed Of extrusionadjustable
Nozzle Hole size0.7mm
Melting temp of materialABS-230C PLA-170C
Adapter current100/250V 2A
Pen electric specDC 12V 2A 24w 
Net weight62g±5g 
Package weight420g 
Package dimension 22*17*7cm

Features :

1. Electric heating nozzle integrated and compact design convenient for maintenance and replacement.
  2. This slender pen body suits body’s habit.
  3.This stepless Speed change by single hand.
  4. Intelligence standby modes .
  5.Super silence design.
Package: 1.3D Printing Pen
  2. Printing Filament: 3 Colors*3M(Free as gift)
  3. 12V/2A Power Adapter
  4. User Manual

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